Atikokan Images

Marie and I now live in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Although we haven’t lived in Atikokan for over twenty years, whenever I go there it still feels like home.

Charles Dobie has a wonderful website of early photos of Atikokan.

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  • OH MY OH MY!!
    Atikokan sure does look good from the air.
    I love the snakey river, after all there’s no beauty in a straight line.
    Huh~ never heard of the Golden Winner mine…
    and your Little Falls photo can’t be beat. I’ve tried!!
    Awesome talent Jon.
    Cheers, Janice

  • Hi Jon
    Amazing… Amazing. Love everyone of them. Makes me even more proud of our Atikokan! Your perspective is wonderful, thank you for creating this body of work.
    I can imagine how new medium transposing your photographs to metal would create a 3D effect. I have a hard time selecting a favourite.
    I would love to promote these for sale in Atikokan ~ Quetico Trading Post. I will send my request in a separate email.
    Keep up the great work my friend.
    Val Fraser

  • marlene anderson

    Hi Jon,
    I really enjoyed the pics that you took…especially the ones of Little Falls. I moved away from Atikokan many years ago, but still cosider the beauty of it as one compared to that of scenic British Columbia. Keep up the work as I always tune into the aTIKOKAN WEBSITE…aDIOS

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