Three Sun Sunrise

The photos shown in this panorama of the Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice sunrises were taken in Thunder Bay, Ontario. All photos were taken from the same spot in Marina Park on the shore of Lake Superior. This three season panorama shows the extent of the suns movement across the eastern horizon as… Continue reading Three Sun Sunrise

Wildlife of North America

This is a collection of photos of wildlife from a variety of locations in Alberta, British Columbia and Minnesota.

Marie’s Garden

Marie has created a wonderful garden of flowers and food at our home in Thunder Bay, Ontario.¬†Marie passed away in March but her spirit lives on. Her family will maintain her wonderful garden and, more importantly to Marie, her grandchildren will experience the joy of working with plants and creating a beautiful space full of… Continue reading Marie’s Garden


Lichens are an intriguing combination of a photosynthetic partner (usually an algae) and a fungus. This symbiotic relationship allows them to grow in places – surface of rock, tree bark, and shingles on roofs – where other organisms have great difficulty. These images are from Quetico Park or areas adjacent to the park.

Northwestern Ontario Stromatolites

Fossilized stromatolites can be found in a few locations northwestern Ontario. The fossilized stromatolites in the bedrock along the shore of Lake Superior between Rossport and Schreiber, Ontario are over two billion years old. A recent article about these stromatolites can be found in the November 2009 issue of Lake Superior Magazine. A less extensive,… Continue reading Northwestern Ontario Stromatolites