Buildings, Monuments and Miscellaneous Items


Ottawa is the capitol of Canada so it, along with Gatineau and Hull on the Quebec side of the river, is loaded with museums, galleries and parks. I wasn’t in Ottawa long enough to have images that show a complete coverage of the city.  I primarily took photos a tourist would take, including quite a few images of the Parliament Library. This magnificent structure, my favourite building in Ottawa, was the only thing saved when the Centre Block burned in 1916.

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Norwegian Landscapes

Coming from Northwestern Ontario, I was struck by the combination of similarities and stark differences that exist between Norway and the region west of Lake Superior. We traveled through the Sogne Fjord and Nord Fjord regions and were surprised by the proximity of glaciers, steep mountains and small farms.
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Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a wonderful city on the west coast of Norway. We spent a few days there exploring Bryggen, the old section of Bergen. Bryggen is Norwegian for wharf and it’s warehouses – primarily for cod – date back to the Hanseatic League. This area is now a World Heritage site.
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Norwegian Stave Churches

The stave churches were built in Norway in the 1100’s and 1200’s. It is remarkable that twenty eight of them are still standing. They are called stave churches because they are built around posts. Posts are called ‘stafr’ in Old Norse and ‘stav’ in modern Norwegian. The church at Urnes is a World Heritage Site.

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We are going to be spending some time in Toronto and I thought I’d add a gallery of images of this vibrant city. I am simply going to concentrate on taking pictures of buildings that catch my eye.
So expect to see Union Station and Knox College rather than the CN Tower or the Sky Dome. Most of the images will be HDR and many will be in black and white.

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Images of Thunder Bay

This collection of images of places and objects in Thunder Bay, Ontario is not meant of be a cross-section of Thunder Bay but is an attempt to capture some of its character and spirit. Some of the images  – such as the image of the Hoito Restaurant – were made by combining three or more photos into one image . These high dynamic range (HDR) images have a wider range of contrast than a single image. Consequently, HDR images more closely approach what the human eye sees. Some of the images, however, also have an other-worldly look. For other similar photos see Photography section called “Buildings, Monuments and Miscellaneous Items”. Some of my photos of Thunder Bay can be purchased in Thunder Bay at Fireweed and the Baggage Building Arts Centre.  More recent  Thunder Bay images can be seen in the gallery ‘Images of Thunder Bay 2’. View the Gallery ‘Images of Thunder Bay’

Images of Thunder Bay 2

This gallery is a continuation of Images of Thunder Bay. The images in this Gallery have been taken since July of 2013. More images are found in the photo gallery ‘Images of Thunder Bay.’ Most of the images are HDR.
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Old Fort William

Old Fort William, now known as Fort William Historical Park, is a reconstructed fur trade located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It was built on the bank of the Kaministiquia River far upstream from its original site near where the river empties into Lake Superior.

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Found Objects

A hodge-podge of images, most of them in HDR, of statues, farm machinery, railroad cars and other interesting objects I have encountered.
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Bridges, Trestles and Tunnels

Bridges are interesting objects to photograph. Since trestles and tunnels carry out the same function, I have included them in this gallery.  Some other images on these topics can be found in the Images of Thunder Bay, Atikokan Images and Minneapolis and St. Paul in HDR photo galleries. 

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Minneapolis and St. Paul in HDR

Buildings, bridges and statues can appear cold and sterile but HDR photography seems to bring them to life.

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There are many interesting and engaging buildings, bridges and statues in our area and I have attempted to capture some of them in an image.  Other images buildings can be found in the Minneapolis and St. Paul in HDR,  Images of Thunder Bay and Atikokan Images photo galleries. 

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Atikokan Images

Marie and I now live in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Although we haven’t lived in Atikokan for over twenty years, whenever I go there it still feels like home.

Charles Dobie has a wonderful website of early photos of Atikokan.

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