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Marie and I now live in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Although we haven’t lived in Atikokan for over twenty years, whenever I go there it still feels like home.

Charles Dobie has a wonderful website of early photos of Atikokan.


  1. OH MY OH MY!!
    Atikokan sure does look good from the air.
    I love the snakey river, after all there’s no beauty in a straight line.
    Huh~ never heard of the Golden Winner mine…
    and your Little Falls photo can’t be beat. I’ve tried!!
    Awesome talent Jon.
    Cheers, Janice

  2. Hi Jon
    Amazing… Amazing. Love everyone of them. Makes me even more proud of our Atikokan! Your perspective is wonderful, thank you for creating this body of work.
    I can imagine how new medium transposing your photographs to metal would create a 3D effect. I have a hard time selecting a favourite.
    I would love to promote these for sale in Atikokan ~ Quetico Trading Post. I will send my request in a separate email.
    Keep up the great work my friend.
    Val Fraser

  3. Hi Jon,
    I really enjoyed the pics that you took…especially the ones of Little Falls. I moved away from Atikokan many years ago, but still cosider the beauty of it as one compared to that of scenic British Columbia. Keep up the work as I always tune into the aTIKOKAN WEBSITE…aDIOS

  4. We left Atikokan for good in 1975 but the town still has strong ties of friendships for us that have endured throughout the years. In retrospect, the education that we received in Atikokan in the 60’s was of the highest calibre and was equal or better than the high schools of the major centres of Ontario. We were lucky and didn’t know it! Those formative years in an isolated town fomented6 very special, long-lasting friendships.

    The five years of french lessons with Mary Shaw gave my wife and I the fundamentals to learn other languages as we travelled and worked in other countries. Often, I and my friend John talk about our times in Atikokan as we drink a scotch whisky or two… ice please.

    The photos of Atikokan that I see on this and other websites are poignant reminders of a time gone by that seen the emergence of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, hot cars, and a great town. The photos are good reminders of a life without the dangers of ISIS, Zika, AIDS, etc. It was a time of innocence un-recognized by us, the lucky ones of the 60’s.

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