Photographs of Thunder Bay and Surrounding Area

Images of Thunder Bay

This collection of images of places and objects in Thunder Bay, Ontario is not meant of be a cross-section of Thunder Bay but is an attempt to capture some of its character and spirit. Some of the images  – such as the image of the Hoito Restaurant – were made by combining three or more photos into one image . These high dynamic range (HDR) images have a wider range of contrast than a single image. Consequently, HDR images more closely approach what the human eye sees. Some of the images, however, also have an other-worldly look. For other similar photos see Photography section called “Buildings, Monuments and Miscellaneous Items”. Some of my photos of Thunder Bay can be purchased in Thunder Bay at Fireweed and the Baggage Building Arts Centre.  More recent  Thunder Bay images can be seen in the gallery ‘Images of Thunder Bay 2’. View the Gallery ‘Images of Thunder Bay’

Images of Thunder Bay 2

This gallery is a continuation of Images of Thunder Bay. The images in this Gallery have been taken since July of 2013. More images are found in the photo gallery ‘Images of Thunder Bay.’ Most of the images are HDR.
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Northwestern Ontario Stromatolites

Fossilized stromatolites can be found in a few locations northwestern Ontario. The fossilized stromatolites in the bedrock along the shore of Lake Superior between Rossport and Schreiber, Ontario are over two billion years old. A recent article about these stromatolites can be found in the November 2009 issue of Lake Superior Magazine. A less extensive, but easily accessible fossilized stromatolite, can be seen in a rockcut near Kakabeka Falls, Ontario

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