Images of Thunder Bay

This collection of images of places and objects in Thunder Bay, Ontario is not meant of be a cross-section of Thunder Bay but is an attempt to capture some of its character and spirit. Some of the images  – such as the image of the Hoito Restaurant – were made by combining three or more photos into one image . These high dynamic range (HDR) images have a wider range of contrast than a single image. Consequently, HDR images more closely approach what the human eye sees. Some of the images, however, also have an other-worldly look. For other similar photos see Photography section called “Buildings, Monuments and Miscellaneous Items”. Some of my photos of Thunder Bay can be purchased in Thunder Bay at Fireweed and the Baggage Building Arts Centre.  More recent  Thunder Bay images can be seen in the gallery ‘Images of Thunder Bay 2’.


  1. Well I like the Damn things and I don’t care what ANYBODY else says! [That’s my attempt at a joke]
    I think your HDR photos are a unique and interesting way of “seeing” what we are looking at.,In my opinion, anything that arouses us from the ordinary into a more aware state is often useful. Keep up the good work and experimentation.

  2. Wow! You have captured incredible beauty. These photos are gallery worthy anywhere in the world!
    They are very impressive. You certainly have an artists eye. Such a pleasure to view. I am so pleased I came across these today. Thank you for the delicious eye fest!

  3. For us the acid test of a photograph is whether or not we would hang it on our wall. Your photography “passes with flying colours”! You have a good eye, and your HDR photos are really amazing. Thanks Jon.
    Joe & Gabrielle

  4. Hi Jon.

    I teach at Confederation College

    My 1st year students are having a Reel Art Show on Monday, and I wonder if I might ask permission to use you picture of the college, it will also be on youtube, I will give you credit. It will be on screen for about 10 seconds or so.

    You have very nice work….
    Thanks for considering my request.

  5. I think the HDR image gives an “other-worldly look” more than what my eye might see. But I do really like them. They are more artistic than regular photography.

  6. Fantastic photographs Jon. From an artist’s and photographer’s perspective, I give you’ve created some fantastic images. From a former Thunder Bayite’s perspective, I’d say that it looks a lot like like my hometown, just slightly a little bit better.

  7. Just commented on one of your photos of a ship waiting to load at the Port Arthur elevator today in my doctor’s office, very, very nice. My daughter has just graduated as a third mate, working as a cadet these past three seasons on the lake boats running from Thunder Bay to Sydney NS and I was wondering if you have any photos of any of the Algoma fleet? She started on the Montrealais in her first year and just finished her sea time on Algoma’s newest ship the Mariner. If you don’t have an Algoma ship then I will be dropping by Fireweed to look for one of the two grain elevator ships posted on your web site. You have just made my Christmas shopping much easier. Again, lovely photos and great effect.

    Hal Lewis

  8. Recently returned from another visit to Thunder Bay, my home town, and still so homesick.
    I was just 19 when I married and left Fort William, and I’ve missed my family so much
    ever since.

    On a recent visit “home” it was fantastic to see Mount McKay,
    and famly toured me around to see everything possible, from cemetery to

    My Dad was Rusty Forbes, we adopted a dog recently named Rusty,
    so I added my surname and mow like my Dad is Rusty Forbes.

    A gen of a city. I have lived in Kingston and Burlington, and travelled all over Canada,
    and Thunder Bay stands at the top of all cities we see.

    Carolyn V Forbes

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