Marie’s Garden

Marie has created a wonderful garden of flowers and food at our home in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Marie passed away in March but her spirit lives on. Her family will maintain her wonderful garden and, more importantly to Marie, her grandchildren will experience the joy of working with plants and creating a beautiful space full of life.


  1. As usual Jon….you have a wonderful creative eye.
    And Marie has a great green thumb!
    Love those purple beans.
    Has little Mairen been in the garden and is there a little Leif/Heather yet?

  2. Absolutely lovely. I’ve just scrolled through hundreds of images of Lily of the Valley and yours is the prettiest I’ve seen.

  3. Is that seed ball from an angel trumpet tree or a datura or moonflower angel trumpet? I have the white moon flower & the single & double datura that have balls. But just wondering if my pink, orange, etc. tree will ball also?

  4. The flowers are fantastic and the photos capture them, even to the dew of the morning. Thank you Jon for your inspiring work and for showcasing Marie’s incredible gifts in her garden. My efforts at gardening have been struggling with a dry hot climate in Calgary. I can visit your fine website and cherish all that in there.
    Thank you,

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