Quetico Memories

Marie and I have many memories from our twelve years – 1976 through 1987 – as park rangers in Quetico. Fortunately we captured some of the people from these wonderful times on film.


  1. Thanks for all the memories…loved them all…wish we could go back to some of those early daze.

  2. How wonderful to see pictures of people I remember from Saganaga Lake.Being a Customs Officer there on and off for 16 years I became family, and we finally moved into our own cabin. Thanks for the memories

  3. Jon, Really nice to see these pix. I paddled for two years as Portage crew out of Cache Bay in the early 1980’s. I have very fond memories of you and your family. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of a special time and place. I hope you are all well.

  4. Great to see photo of Johnny Sansted, one of a kind. And I have very fond memories of Knife Lake Dorthy and her kindness to some “special people” I guided on a week’s trip past her place.

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