• Northern Spirit Radio
    A radio station based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin that has interviews with community activists, musicians, authors and others who explore the connections between spiritual values and our daily lives.
  • Ineye
    Web design and hosting company that designed this website.
  • Joe Marohnic Photography
    Joe Marohnic is an extremely talented Atikokan photographer who specializes in black and white photography.
  • Superior Outdoors Magazine
    A high quality magazine featuring articles and photographs of the Lake Superior basin.
  • Northwoods Memories website
    A website with information about pictographs in Quetico and the BWCAW.
  • The Friends of Quetico Park
    A group that works to maintain Quetico Park as wilderness.
  • Raven EcoVentures
    A new ecotourism company located just east of Quetico Park near the Ontario-Minnesota border. Run by a young woman who grew up on the edge of Quetico Park and has a wealth of outdoor knowledged and experience.
  • The Boundary Waters Journal
    Magazine with articles and photos about Quetico Park and the BWCAW.
  • The Quetico Foundation
    A foundation that carries out a wide variety of projects relating to Quetico Park.
  • Lake Superior Magazine
    Lake Superior Magazine is about locations, people and activities that revolve around lake Superior.
  • Atikokan Intergenerational Center for Arts and Alternatives
    The Center features a variety of activities that take place in and around Atikokan, Ontario.
  • Lori Fox Rossi
    Photos by a talented Thunder Bay photographer