Images of Thunder Bay

This collection of images of places and objects in Thunder Bay, Ontario is not meant of be a cross-section of Thunder Bay but is an attempt to capture some of its character and spirit. Some of the images  – such as the image of the Hoito Restaurant – were made by combining three or more photos into one image . These high dynamic range (HDR) images have a wider range of contrast than a single image. Consequently, HDR images more closely approach what the human eye sees. Some of the images, however, also have an other-worldly look. For other similar photos see Photography section called “Buildings, Monuments and Miscellaneous Items”. Some of my photos of Thunder Bay can be purchased at Fireweed in Thunder Bay.  

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  • Richard (Dick) Hiner

    Well I like the Damn things and I don’t care what ANYBODY else says! [That's my attempt at a joke]
    I think your HDR photos are a unique and interesting way of “seeing” what we are looking at.,In my opinion, anything that arouses us from the ordinary into a more aware state is often useful. Keep up the good work and experimentation.

  • Jon, Your photography is amazing, really like what you have done with the website.

  • Wow! You have captured incredible beauty. These photos are gallery worthy anywhere in the world!
    They are very impressive. You certainly have an artists eye. Such a pleasure to view. I am so pleased I came across these today. Thank you for the delicious eye fest!

  • For us the acid test of a photograph is whether or not we would hang it on our wall. Your photography “passes with flying colours”! You have a good eye, and your HDR photos are really amazing. Thanks Jon.
    Joe & Gabrielle

  • Hi Jon.

    I teach at Confederation College

    My 1st year students are having a Reel Art Show on Monday, and I wonder if I might ask permission to use you picture of the college, it will also be on youtube, I will give you credit. It will be on screen for about 10 seconds or so.

    You have very nice work….
    Thanks for considering my request.

  • I think the HDR image gives an “other-worldly look” more than what my eye might see. But I do really like them. They are more artistic than regular photography.

  • Fantastic photographs Jon. From an artist’s and photographer’s perspective, I give you’ve created some fantastic images. From a former Thunder Bayite’s perspective, I’d say that it looks a lot like like my hometown, just slightly a little bit better.

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